AAMT submission on teacher education

The AAMT submission to the Teacher Education Ministerial Advisory Group (TEMAG) is available here.

TEMAG will present its report to Minister Pyne later in 2014.



National Mathematics Day

Twist your brain on Friday 22 August with some paradoxes! Consider: Tomorrow never comes!

Geometric reasoning

Open this new top drawer and see what you find!


New publication

Engaging maths: 25 favourite lessons

Doug Clarke & Anne Roche

This full-colour volume aims to enrich the mathematical experiences of primary school students (and their teachers) through enjoyable, challenging and active lessons.

Engaging Maths

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Mathematics teaching in the Kimberley: Advancing professional conversations is for classroom practitioners wanting to develop their pedagogy and improve learning outcomes for their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Maths in action

The Connect with Maths Project is building a new online community around modelling. Read more...

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What else is on...

  • AAMT's Reach for the Stars is on again during National Literacy and Numeracy Week (25-31 August). Details here.
  • The International Commission on Mathematics Instruction (ICMI) recently published a paper reporting on a survey of the work and aspirations of mathematics associations around the world. Read the paper here.
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  • Get to know your State/Territory Councillors and the AAMT staff.