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AAMT Standards for Excellence

The Standards document is available for download as a PDF file.

About the AAMT Standards

The AAMT Standards for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics in Australian Schools were developed in a widely consultative process between 1999 and 2001 and were adopted by the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers at its Council Meeting in January 2002. They therefore represent the national consensus of the profession - teachers - that describes the knowledge, skills and attributes required for good teaching of mathematics.

The Standards are organised into three domains:

  • Professional knowledge
  • Professional attributes
  • Professional practice

Each of these is shaped by and inter-related to the others. The Standards do not seek to advantage a particular style or approach to teaching - diversity is necessary and encouraged through the Standards. The AAMT is committed to high standards, not standardisation.

Taken as a whole, the Standards materials are a framework for teachers' career-long professional growth. Since their adoption by the Council, AAMT members and staff have undertaken a program of research and development to identify ways in which the Standards can support teacher learning and acknowledge those who are working at the level described.

The AAMT has a strong commitment to teachers' work being measured against the AAMT Standards only if an individual teacher wishes to use them for this purpose - credentialling against the Standards will be a voluntary process.

At its Council Meeting in January 2006 the AAMT Council approved the development and publication of an updated version of the Standards, pending review and possible revision. The 2006 version contains updated contextual information about the Standards and their use; the text of the actual Standards is unchanged.