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Teaching Mathematics Visually & Actively

Teaching Mathematics Visually & Actively

A book for teachers wanting to provide for different learning styles in mathematics.

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AAMT Councillors

Note that email addresses are provided for matters relating to the management of the AAMT and its affiliated associations, and are not to be used for marketing or any other purposes.


Allason McNamara

Allason McNamara


Allason McNamara teaches mathematics at Melbourne's Trinity College.

President Elect

Jurek Paradowski

Jurek Paradowski


Jurek recently retired from full time teaching.  He continues to work in schools.


Rom Cirillo

Rom Cirillo


Romolo has recently retired as from a position as a Curriculum Consultant for Mathematics with the School Curriculum and Standards Authority of WA.

Councillor for the Australian Capital Territory (CMA)

Councillor for New South Wales (MANSW)

Karen McDaid

Karen McDaid


Karen McDaid is a lecturer in Mathematics Education and Pre-service Teacher Education at the University of Western Sydney

Councillor for the Northern Territory (MTANT)

Councillor for Queensland (QAMT)

Chicri MakSoud

chikri makSoud


Councillor for South Australia (MASA)

David Shigrov

david shigrov


Councillor for Tasmania (MAT)

Councillor for Victoria (MAV)

James Spithill

James Spithill


Jim Spithill is a Research Fellow (Test developer) at the Australian Council for Educational Research.

Councillor for Western Australia

Rom Cirillo

Rom Cirillo



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