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Implementation Officers

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Implementation Officers

Towards Educating Mathematics Professionals Encompassing Science and Technology (TEMPEST) is a national project focussing on the professional learning available to mathematics teachers. It aims to identify, evaluate and provide access to quality professional learning through Dimensions, an online portal hosted by the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT).

How will TEMPEST achieve this?

We will work with teachers, schools, associations and those involved in mathematics education/professional learning to identify effective professional learning and trial and evaluate selected activities.

What can you and/or your school do?

We need evidence of impact of quality professional learning on mathematics teachers’ capabilities and engagement, and on student interest and learning. We seek your participation to trial quality professional learning and use selected evaluation tools. 

Who will you work with?

There are five Implementation Officers working throughout Australia. Their job is to work with you to identify and facilitate professional learning suitable for your needs.

Implementation Officers

Download this PDF about the TEMPEST Implementation Officers.

New South Wales and ACT

Darius Samojlowicz

Darius Smojlowicz


02 9715 5800

Darius is based in Sydney and also works as the K­–8 Professional Learning Consultant for the Mathematical Association of New South Wales.


Desley Pidgeon 

Desley Pidgeon


07 4923 2771 Ext 52771

Desley is based at CQ University in Rockhampton, Queensland, and also works as a casual lecturer in an enabling mathematics program at the School of Education.

South Australia and Northern Territory

Ann Ruckert

Ann Ruckert


0429 204 441

Ann is based in Adelaide, SA, and also works as a Professional Officer for the Mathematical Association of South Australia

Tasmania and Victoria

Libbie Spohn

Libbie Spohn


03 6324 3245

Libbie is based in Launceston and works from UTAS, Newnham Campus.

Western Australia

Rachael Whitney-Smith

Rachael Whitney-Smith


08 9345 0388

Rachael is based in Perth and also works as a Professional Officer for the Mathematical Association of Western Australia.