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Teaching Mathematics: Foundations to Middle Years

Teaching Mathematics

Written by a group of highly respected and experienced teacher educators, the advice is based on current research and theories and, although written for pre-service teachers, there is much that will appeal to practising teachers.

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The Australian Mathematics Teacher

Discovery, by Mestre, N. (AMT 2014)
Classroom Ideas: Finance is Fun! Maths and Money, by Dungey, M. (AMT 2014)
Professor Hanna Neumann's Inaugural Presidential Address, 1966, transcript, by Professor Hanna Neumann (AMT 2017)
Using Desmos to draw in mathematics, by Alessandra King (AMT 2017)
Classroom ideas using technology: A snowflake in winter, by Ian Thomson (AMT 2017)
Scrapbook, by Helen Prochazka (AMT 2017)
Diversions, by John Gough (AMT 2017)
Lily-pad doubling: Proportional reasoning development, by Rebecca R. Robichaux-Davis (AMT 2017)
Discovery, by Neville de Mestre (AMT 2017)
Desmos battleship, by Micah Stohlmann (AMT 2017)
Opinion response, by John Gough (AMT 2017)
Opinion - Mathematics education: Who's responsible, by Catherine Attard (AMT 2017)
Resource review: The smartest kids in the world and how they got that way, by Rosei Espedido (AMT 2017)
Diversions, by John Gough (AMT 2017)
Teacher knowledge: An issue for realising the mathematical potential of girls, by Lloyd Dawe (AMT 2017)
Opinion, by Rosei Espedido, Wilhelmina Du Toit (AMT 2017)
Putting teachers first: Leading change through design- initiating and sustaining effective teaching of mathematics, by Rob Proffitt-White (AMT 2017)
Learning with calculators: Doing more with less, by Barry Kissane (AMT 2017)
Discovery, by Neville De Mestre (AMT 2017)
Resource review: Maths handbook for teachers and parents; Explaining mathematical content and proficiencies, by Rosei Espedido (AMT 2016)
Challenges and opportunities in teaching mathematics, by Merrilyn Goos (AMT 2016)
Opinion: Reflections on teaching mathematics in Nepal, by Anne Prescott (AMT 2016)
Look down from the sky: Is it a bird? Is it Superman? No, it's a plane, by Helen Chick (AMT 2016)
"No wonder out-of-field teachers struggle." Unpacking the thinking of expert teachers, by Kim Beswick, Sharn Fraser, Suzanne Crowley (AMT 2016)
Discovery, by Neville de Mestre (AMT 2016)

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