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Director NMSS

The Advisory Board of the National Mathematics Summer School is seeking to appoint a Director for the next three years. Suitable applicants are encouraged to express their interest in taking on the role.

About the National Mathematics Summer School

The National Mathematics Summer School (NMSS)is a program for the discovery and development of mathematically gifted and talented senior high school students from across Australia. It is a two week residential summer school held each year at the  Australian National University (ANU). The NMSS was established under the joint educational sponsorship of ANU and the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT) in 1969 by the late Professor A L Blakers AM of the University of Western Australia. The NMSS website has more information about the summer school.

An Advisory Board provides governance of the NMSS on behalf of the ANU and AAMT.

Role of the NMSS Director

The Director of the National Mathematics Summer School will be responsible for all aspects of the conduct and management of the annual School. The Director will:

  • Design and oversee the academic program and welfare arrangements for the students (travel, accommodation, onsite student welfare, excursions etc.);
  • Appoint appropriately qualified staff to deliver the academic program and provide for the welfare of the students;
  • Select and invite students to attend the School, based on advice from selectors in each state and territory;
  • Provide a plan (including a budget) for each School to the Advisory Board as required;
  • Provide reports on each School to the Advisory Board as required;
  • Oversee the finances of the School and make and approve payments, in consultation with relevant staff at ANU;
  • Seek advice and support from the Advisory Board in relation to the conduct of the School and, through them, ANU and AAMT as required;
  • Support fund-raising initiatives designed by the Advisory Board to provide for sustainability and growth of the NMSS; and
  • Other duties as negotiated with the Advisory Board.

It is expected that the Director will work with key staff to form a collaborative leadership team to support them in their role. The Director will report to the NMSS Advisory Board.

The Director will be appointed for a period of three years (i.e. as Director of the 2019, 2020 and 2021 Summer Schools); the appointment can be extended by mutual agreement between the Director and Advisory Board.

This is an honorary, part-time position that will appeal to mathematics professionals who wish to contribute by fostering the talents of some of our brightest young mathematicians.

Expressions of Interest

Suitably qualified people are encouraged to express their interest in the position. A short letter that highlights relevant experience, along with a current Curriculum Vitae should be emailed to feedback@aamt.edu.au Expressions of Interest close on Wednesday 20 December. Expressions of Interest may be accepted after that date, but only by prior arrangement.

For more information

Contact Will Morony, Interim Chair of the NMSS Advisory Board.