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Maths and Numeracy

maths and numeracy

This full colour booklet incorporates the latest research about young children’s learning to assist educators, parents and carers foster numeracy.

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Statistics: Decisions through Data - Set of 5 DVDs

Introductory statistics DVDs ideal for high school and undergraduate students who are in need of clear explanations of ideas in chance and data. Each DVD contains short (generally 12-15 minute) segments on specific topics in beginning statistics, mostly extracted from the Against All Odds series (seen on ABC TV's Open Learning program). The snippets are short enough to encourage repeated viewing and consolidation of new learning, and easily fit into any lesson structure and length.

The series is designed for modular use - individual video units or clusters of several units can be introduced whenever the curriculum calls for material related to statistics.

Five-disk set includes:

Disk 1 - Basic Data Analysis: What is Statistics?; Stemplots; Histograms and Distributions; Measures of Centre; Boxplots; The Standard Deviation
Disk 2 - Data Analysis for One Variable: Normal Curves; Normal Calculations; Straight-line Growth; Exponential Growth
Disk 3 - Data Analysis for Two Variables: Scatterplots; Fitting Lines to Data; Correlation; Save The Bay
Disk 4 - Planning Data Collection: Designing Experiments; The Question of Causation; Census and Sampling; Sample Surveys
Disk 5 - Introduction to Inference: Sampling Distributions; Confidence Intervals; Tests of Significance

Also available:

Resource book for teachers 

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Year Levels: 10 - 12+
Publisher: COMAP (USA)
Publication date: 1993
Product number: COM2130
Duration: 299 mins
Keywords: Chance and data, Video/DVD

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