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Savannah Dreams

Savannah Dreams

A delightful picture book, with a simple story about Savannah and her family as they go hunting in the bush. Over Sunday to Friday, the rest of the family discover lots of delicious bush tucker and count how many crabs or snakes or waterlily stems they have caught or collected, but Savannah finds only junk. That is until Sunday, when Savannah makes the greatest catch of all.

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Using formative assessment to differentiate mathematics instruction

Leslie Laud

Assessment is the bridge between teaching and learning. The author lays out seven practices to maximise learning – a supportive classroom environment, clear learning targets, continuous assessment, student self-direction, flexible student groups, data-formed instruction, and differentiation of student work – and signposts these practices throughout the text.

From supporting students who are low achieving to challenging students who are high achieving, the author presents strategies for creating tiered lessons, managing a multi-tasking classroom effectively, and implementing time-saving management strategies. Included are a wealth of practical examples, resources and student activities.

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ISBN-13: 978-1-4129-9524-5
Year Levels: 4 - 10
Publisher: Corwin & NCTM (USA)
Page Count: 165
Cover type: Soft cover
Publication date: 2011
Product number: ECA013
Keywords: Primary/Middle/Secondary/Teacher Education

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