How to contribute an article

Teachers, teacher education students, researchers and teacher educators are encouraged to consider writing for AAMT journals. Editors welcome submission of articles of any kind that you think may be appropriate. Some ideas about writing journal articles are available in this PDF.

How are articles selected for publication?

Each submitted article undergoes a process of blind peer review in which it is read by at least two reviewers. Based on the opinion of the reviewers, the article will be accepted or rejected for publication; recommendations may also be made to authors about possible changes to the article.


Manuscripts should be sent to the editors of the appropriate journal, care of the AAMT office.

When submitting an article for publishing, please send:

  • an electronic copy of the paper;
  • any appropriate diagrams or pictures; and
  • a completed Author's Warranty form.

Required format

It is preferred that articles are prepared using Microsoft Word. If articles are prepared in other word processing applications then they should be saved in Rich Text Format (.rtf).
Articles SHOULD NOT be prepared using html, PowerPoint, Publisher, Pagemaker, Framemaker or LaTex.


Diagrams should be prepared using an appropriate drawing software package.

Other digital pictures (apart from photos taken with digital cameras) should be saved as a TIFF file at a minmum of 300 dpi.

JPEGs and GIFs taken from websites cannot be used; not only are they copyrighted, but their quality is not suitable for high-resolution printing.

If you import images into word processed articles, please also include a copy of the original image file as well.

Photographs and diagrams can be scanned at the AAMT Office and returned, if requested.

Remember that full colour is not available in any of the journals.


All references are to be listed at the end of the manuscript. All references should follow APA styles (although preferably using Australian date styles and abbreviations); e.g.,

Williams, J. (1987). Teaching absolute value for the Higher School Certificate. Australian Senior Mathematics Journal 1(1), 3–10.

Cameron, M. J. (1983). Heritage Mathematics. North Melbourne: Hargreen.

Watson, J. M. (1984). Individualised teaching and learning in tertiary mathematics. In P. Costello et al. (Eds), Facets of Australian Mathematics Education (pp. 198–201). Adelaide: AAMT Inc.

The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers Inc. (2008). Contributing to AAMT journals. Retrieved 16 December 2008 from

Inside the body of the paper, articles, monographs, etc. should be referred to by the author’s name and year, e.g., Williams (1987), etc.

How to submit your paper

Papers and any other relevant files should be emailed to the AAMT office. Your paper will then be forwarded to the relevant editor(s). You will be contacted if an original hard copy should be required.

Other details

Please be sure to include all contact details for yourself with your article, including post, phone, fax and email.

All authors are sent a complimentary copy of the journal when their article is printed.

If you have any questions about preparing articles for submission, please contact Toby Spencer at the AAMT Office.

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