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Workshop 1 Powerpoint slides

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Count like an Egyptian: A hands-on introduction to ancient mathematics

Count like an egyptian

The mathematics of ancient Egypt was fundamentally different from the mathematics of today, which makes solving ancient Egyptian problems quite an adventure.

Members: $ 54.00 inc.GST Others: $ 67.50 inc.GST

Champions' Workshop 1 – useful documents

This is a collection of many of the materials used in Workshop 1 of the Leading reSolve program. Champions are welcome to use these as they wish.

General information

Information about the reSolve project that Champions may wish to provide to colleagues.

Professional Learning Module 3 – Including all students

Participants at Workshop 1 spent some time experiencing and analysing the reSolve Professional Learning Module entitled "Including all students in
mathematics learning experiences."

Some useful tools

A number of tools were used in the workshop. Champions may want to use these in their work with colleagues.

Workshop 1 Powerpoint slides

The slides used in workshop 1 of the Leading reSolve program for the Champions. Please note that this is the 'generic' version – state and territory specific information for the opening has been omitted.