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Practising Mathematics: Developing the mathematician as well as the mathematics

How can your students work like mathematicians?

An engaging selection of tasks contain activities from many areas of mathematics including: Number work, Ratio and Proportion, Algebra, Geometry, Probably and Statistics.


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Manager of Engagement, reSolve: Mathematics by Inquiry Project

Matt Skoss

Matt Skoss


Matt Skoss is listed as “Manager of Engagement: reSolve: Mathematics by Inquiry Project”, and his profile outlines his work with reSolve . After 30 years of teaching mathematics in Alice Springs schools, Matt is enjoying the Australia-wide contact with passionate classroom teachers in his new role. He works with a team to trial inquiry-based teaching resources, professional learning modules with the reSolve Project. He has a particular interest in how collaborative ICT tools can amplify students’ mathematics learning and supporting the professional growth of teachers.