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Defining Mathematics Education *REDUCED*

Defining Mathematics Education

The Seventy-fifth Yearbook is a celebration and reflection of the history of the NCTM yearbooks, and is a great resource on the key issues of mathematics education through the years.

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Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom

Computation choices made by children: What, why and how, by Paul Swan (APMC 2004)
Poster power, by Dawn Bayley (APMC 2004)
Mathematical games with the alphabet, by John Gough (APMC 2004)
Integrating technology in the middle school: Years 5-9, by Stephen Arnold (APMC 2004)
Numbers + Magic = answer Students explaining: Make the most of mental computation, by Annaliese Caney (APMC 2004)
McDonald's vs Father Christmas, by Dave Pratt, Amanda Simpson (APMC 2004)
Teaching enhancing numeracy, by Annete Baturo (APMC 2004)
Supporting Indigenous students' achievement in numeracy, by Dianne Siemon, Fran Enilane, Jan McCarthy (APMC 2004)
Developing computation, by Alistair McIntosh (APMC 2004)
Understanding place-value: A case study of the base ten game, by Andrea Broadbent (APMC 2004)
Assessing numeracy in the primary school, by The ANIPS Project Team (APMC 2005)
Social interaction: A vehicle for building meaning, by Trish O'Toole, Christelle Plummer (APMC 2004)
Profiling high numeracy achievement, by Profiling high numeracy achievement project team (APMC 2004)
An investigation into student numeracy across the curriculum, by The Numeracy across the curriculum project team (APMC 2004)
Researching numeracy teaching approaches in primary schools, by The Researching numeracy project team (APMC 2004)
What's making a difference in achieving outstanding primary school learning outcomes in numeracy?, by Susan Busatto (APMC 2004)
Numeracy: Families working it out together, the opportunities are everywhere, by Will Morony (APMC 2004)
Home, school and community partnerships to support children's numeracy, by Merrilyn Goos (APMC 2004)
Numeracy in the early years: Project good start, by Sue Thomson (APMC 2004)
Primary numeracy: A review of Australain research, by Susie Groves, Judy Mousley, Helen Forgasz (APMC 2004)
The Numeracy Research and Development Initiative projects, by Jill Vincent (APMC 2004)
From the AAMT President, by Barry Kissane (APMC 2004)
Googols and infinity, by John Gough (APMC 2005)
Hot ideas, by Jenni Way (APMC 2005)
Measuring temperature: The thermometer, by Mirvette Chamoun (APMC 2005)

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