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Defining Mathematics Education *REDUCED*

Defining Mathematics Education

The Seventy-fifth Yearbook is a celebration and reflection of the history of the NCTM yearbooks, and is a great resource on the key issues of mathematics education through the years.

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Teaching Number in the Middle Years CD *REDUCED*

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Teaching Number in the Middle Years
Kaye Stacey, Vicki Steinle, Kyla Marston, Dianne Chambers, Nancy Varughese

A CD compilation of three professional learning resources, suitable for both practising and pre-service teachers.

Teaching and Learning about Decimals explains the mathematical, psychological and pedagogical ideas needed to effectively teach this topic.

Foundations for Teaching Arithmetic explores the important underlying mathematical principles needed in early primary to junior secondary areas.

Teaching Mental and Written Computation outlines teaching strategies and works towards balancing mental, written and calculator computation in the classroom.

Well laid out and easily navigated, this resource includes case studies, worksheets, quizzes with worked solutions, and lesson and photocopy masters.

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ISBN-13: 978-0-7340-4426-6
Year Levels: 3 - 10
Publisher: The University of Melbourne
Publication date: 2011
Product number: UM103
Platform: Windows, Macintosh
Keywords: Professional Learning/teacher education, Classroom material, Number

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