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Champions' Workshop 2 resources

A range of resources were either developed for or referred to at the reSolve workshops held around the country in April 2018. These are made available for Champions.

The reSolve Protocol

The Protocol sets out a vision for teaching and learning mathematics and is the touchstone for all aspects of the reSolve project.

Workshop presentations

The presentations used in the Workshop can be downloaded.

ReSolve Champions' Action Plan template

The Proforma for Champions to use to document their plans for the period up to the end of 2019. The document can be downloaded and modified as needed.

Projection exercise

The proforma of the A# sheets used in the workshop to help Champions develop action plans that cover all three components of the Protocol.

Participants' ideas re 2019 video

The release of the promotional video at the Workshops prompted the inclusion an activity in which participants were invited to provide advice about what they would want to see in the video about the impact of the Champions that is made at the end of 2019. You can have a look at what was said.

Outline of Professional Learning Modules

A brief description of the eight Professional Learning Modules that will be available from the reSolve project.

Media advice May 2018

You and your school can use the outline of a Media Release to promote what you and the school are doing in the reSolve project. Local media outlets are often interested in this sort of local story of achievement. Something to talk to your principal about...

reSolve Protocol with rating scale

A form of the Protocol that can be used to analyse resources – from reSolve or otherwise – against the reSolve Protocol.

Outlines of the Special Interest Groups

Outline of the three Special Interest Groups for reSolve Champions

SIG Outlines.pdf 137.31 kB

Masterclass presentations

Prof. Olive Chapman from the University of Calgary designed a one-day masterclass to provide more theoretical background to her approach to Professional Learning Communities for mathematics.

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