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Champions information for principals

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Information for principals

The information on this page can be downloaded as PDF from the link below.

Being a reSolve Champion offers an unprecedented professional opportunity for your staff member. They will be at the vanguard of a movement to embed innovative and engaging approaches to teaching mathematics in Australian schools, whilst still maintaining their core role as a teacher.

Through undertaking the purpose designed Leading reSolve professional learning program in 2017–18, the reSolve Champions will develop:

  • extensive knowledge of the suite of reSolve resources
  • experience using a range of the reSolve classroom resources in classrooms
  • experience facilitating reSolve professional learning modules with groups of teachers
  • capacity to effectively lead a range of professional learning programs based on reSolve resources and processes.

Leading reSolve will be a blended program involving both face-to-face and online modes, conducted from July 2017 to June 2018. Participants will commit to participate in two face-to-face workshops (October 2017 and April 2018; both in school holidays). The online component will be a combination of purpose designed and mainstream reSolve professional learning modules. There will be an emphasis on networking with other reSolve Champions and, toward the end of the program, planning for the period after the project concludes. Leading reSolve will be mapped to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (AITSL) and, as necessary, accredited with relevant authorities in the states and territories.

Therefore, in addition to being a great experience for the individual involved, having a reSolve Champion in your school will provide a great resource for your school’s teaching and learning of mathematics. Classrooms using reSolve resources and approaches to inquiry will foster mathematics learning through engaging activities that are meaningful to the students, and that support the development of both the content and all four of the Proficiencies in the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics (fluency, reasoning, understanding and problem solving). They will be learning environments in which students are challenged and supported to build their knowledge by taking risks, and exploring and discussing their ideas.

The aim with the reSolve Champions is that they will have influence with colleagues in other schools as well. This may be through programs established by clusters of schools, or through initiatives of government and non-government education sectors, or through local mathematics teacher associations. The details of that will be developed later, as the quality and appeal of the reSolve resources and professional learning processes are increasingly established and demand for the champions can offer grows.

First and foremost they will remain a teacher in your school, with your school’s needs of prime importance. As a result we expect that you will be directly involved in deciding what a reSolve Champion from your school is involved in after mid-2018.

The program does not require your staff member to have any release time to undertake either face-to-face or online professional learning, but you may see fit to provide them with some release time to facilitate their involvement in the Leading resolve program.

Potential Champions will be expected to trial drafts of reSolve resources, but this will occur as part of their normal teaching program.

The project will pay necessary travel and accommodation expenses for teachers located outside metropolitan areas to attend the face-to-face workshops in the relevant capital city.

What you as principal are asked to do:

  1. Discuss the notion of being a reSolve Champion with your staff member.
  2. If you are satisfied that it will be good for the person and for the school, to give your assent to the application – the expression of interest will not be accepted otherwise.
  3. Provide a referee statement once the application is received. This will be done through a short online form.

Champions information for principals